my book

i have had the great honor and joy of teaching and sharing yoga with children with special needs. i believe yoga is for any and all abilities and can greatly impact and support the emotional, physical and mental well-being of all individuals, including individuals with special needs.

i am humbled, excited and overjoyed to share my book asanas for autism and special needs. a book written from my heart, my knowledge and my experience.

release date was january 21st 2015. you can purchase it here.

asanas for autism cover

i have always loved writing. i’m a lifelong learner. my dream in life was to be a published author. i say to you…if you have a dream to write a book. just go for it. write. keep writing. keep dreaming. keep doing. don’t give up the first time a publisher says no. one day someone will say yes. more about my experience and advice on writing a book and getting a book published in a future post.

for now, please share this with others. spread the word. it’s my hope that children with special needs experience lifelong benefits of health, peace and well-being through the practice of yoga. this book is my means for sharing the tools necessary to teach yoga to these incredible and unique individuals. so much light to give. so much light to receive. it’s all about sharing our light.

follow my blog asanas for autism and special needs for information on yoga for children with special needs, including nutrition, health, wellness, behavioral strategies and more!

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