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We offer a blend of heart-opening yoga & meditation, soulful music, writing & creative experience at events, workshops, fundraisers and retreats. Contact us to discuss your vision of what would work best for your event or offering!

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Heart Rhythms Yoga 

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Heart Rhythms Foundation

We all know someone, love someone, or we are someone who is fighting or has fought cancer. It is pervasive, undiscriminating, dark and heartbreaking.

All of us : survivors and supporters : can always benefit from support, nurturing self-care and community to help heal and shine light out into the world.

We are so thrilled to be launching Heart Rhythms Foundation : where we seek to come together as a community in love and support of one another, respect for our bodies, and offer holistic therapies, yoga, retreats, creative experiences and workshops to bring healing and light into the community.

Charity Events Announced Soon!