i am a mother, a writer, a wife, a special education teacher and consultant, a yoga therapist, a wanna be photographer and a health enthusiast. i have an incredible passion for the healing benefits of yoga. you can read more about this here. i believe yoga is for any and all abilities and have a dream of bringing the benefits of yoga to children and adults with special needs. read more here and here. i’m incredibly humbled and excited to be living out my lifelong dream of becoming an author and having a book published –take a look.

i grew up off the grid in the mountains of montana with no electricity or running water. this experience taught me the value and beauty of the earth, sky, trees, mountains and all living things. it also gave me an appreciation for the colors and textures of nature.

my family

old family

i have always had a passion for fashion. clothing has been a way of expression for me ever since i can remember. even as a young child. i was the girl who loved to wear lace dresses with hiking boots while climbing trees and riding my dirt bike. i still wear dresses and i still love to climb trees.

me stump

i dabble in many things and am in constant awe of the colors, images, textures, patterns, emotions and energy around me. i’ve created this blog as an outlet to share the thoughts, images and emotions that capture my eye or pass through my mind at any given moment. i hope you enjoy. we are all connected.


blog photo

much love Shawnee

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