simpler times


Yearning for simpler times
When there was no time
When time stood still
And in place of the
Ramblings of the mind
The racing thoughts
Was the silent sound
Of the earth
Between our toes
Grass stains on our clothes
Slow motion
When the moon rose
And the wolves howled
Through the night
And the great bears
Wrapped their cubs
In their arms so tight
Protected from harm
And the warm sun rose
Each morning
Bringing a new day
And all that was left to do
Was play
In forts built from sticks
And castles of hay
When our world was filled
With simpler things
Like sock monkeys
And boxes of strings
To go back to that time
In our little round house
Built from carved logs
And a dirt floor
Rustling Aspens outside our door
The majestic wood stove
Cozy & warm
Together in one place
Protected from harm
Wanting for nothing
Nothing more

~Shawnee Thornton Hardy

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