how to mend a broken heart


photo credit: Ashley Myers Photography

How to mend a broken heart…

If your heart is hurting – let it hurt

Let the pain, grief & sadness move through your veins and seep through your pores

Feel the deep ache in your belly, the open wound in the center of your chest

Feel the tenderness in your eye sockets, the heaviness in the back of your skull, the sensation of sandpaper beneath your eyelids from dried up tears

Feel the sorrow in your bones, the gripping in your jaw, your cracked lips from words left unspoken

Feel the muscles in your body, pulsing with anguish, preparing to flee


Be Here


Let it pass through you, over and over again and you will begin to ache a little less and you will soften a bit more and you will feel lighter and your feet will start to carry you one step at a time, one foot in front of the other

until one day you find that you are

dancing to the beat of your mended heart

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