We came to this place
Covered in armor
Wearing our protective shields
Holding our insecurities
As if they were ours to keep

Knowing if we were to pass
One another on the street
We would keep our distance
Projecting our own hurts and beliefs
Like daggers – penetrating the air
With judgment and envy

We came to this place
Not knowing why we were here

We came to this place seeking


Seeking refuge from the outside world
Longing for something greater than us
Yearning for connection to our hearts
A silent desire for sisterhood

We looked into each other’s eyes
And saw deep into each other’s souls

No longer a need to wear our armor
To protect our hearts

Together we opened
We softened
We embraced all parts of ourselves
And one another

In this softness
These tender moments
We saw that we are all love
Abundant love

We held our bundles of sage in our hands
Molding and shaping them with care
Setting our intentions
An offering of faith

A cleansing of our souls

Forever connected
Tied together in wishes and prayers
Offered to the fire
Carried by ashes up to the heavens


Beautiful Sisters

You are the sun and the moon
You are the stars shining brightly in the desert sky
You are the wise tortoise
Carrying treasures
You are the ladybug
Full of abundance and possibility
Carrying wishes and dreams ready to unfold
You are the lizard
Peeling back the layers
In search of the heart
Uncovering your dreams
You are the desert hare
Moving through fear
Listening intently, with clarity and vision

Dearest Sisters

When you feel that tightness in your chest
The holding, the gripping
The fear set in
Close your eyes
Listen deeply
To the sound of the wind
The sound of your sisters
Whispering for you to come home

Pow Wow bench

Beautiful captured images by Natalie Holford Photography at our Pow Wow Women’s Retreat.

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