montana retreat

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes. Including you.”        -Anne Lamott


It’s amazing how a bit of deep rest, connection to nature, time away from our busy lives and self-reflection can bring us back to ourselves.

My soul sister and partner in Heart Rhythms Yoga,  Marlo and I are planning an All Women’s Retreat in the mountains of MONTANA – amidst aspen & pine trees, completely off the grid and un-plugged from e-mails, phone calls, social media & to-do lists.
This retreat is not for the faint of heart. We’ll be doing some deep work – opening our bodies, cracking our hearts open, letting our hearts feel and speak their truths- we’ll love, laugh, cry, forgive, let go,  whatever it is in your life that your heart is seeking through writing, music, dance, heart-centered and restorative yoga, meditation, connection to nature and creative experiences.

We’ll experience our own private waterfall amidst the forest!

 This retreat has been my hearts longing for some time – I’ll be sharing a sacred space where I grew up as a child. It’s magical beyond words and a place that I have gone back to over the years for healing, restoration and re-connection to myself.

Swimming, kayaking and SUP-boarding in the crystal blue reservoir.


Wildflower picking on hiking adventures.


Cabin Lodging & Camping Options

 Evening drum circles, conversation, music, dancing and connection around the campfire.

Acres of green lush grass, trees and wildlife.


Connection to nature.

Summer 2018 – Let the manifesting begin…
More details coming soon!

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