buried dreams


i buried you deep in my heart long ago
beneath my fears

i saw glimmers of you at moments when i was most connected to my soul
but then i pushed you down for fear of losing you, fear of failure, fear of risking too much

today i remembered… today i dug you up, dusted you off and hung you in the glistening light of the sun

i saw the golden rays weave in and out of your musty fibers

your vibrancy too bright to keep buried any longer

i promise to remember you
to let you sway in the wind
with freedom to move in any direction you desire

and if you somehow get away from me
i will follow you, catch you in my arms and hold you tight

i promise to never give up on you
to never bury you again
for you were birthed from my heart and woven together by my soul
the truest part of me
my purpose, my reason for being

my dream

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