the call

pow wow retreat joshua

this is a call to all the women who’s souls burn with passion and are willing to let the smoldering embers within ignite and spread wildly ferociously and without boundary.

this is a call to all women who’s hearts beat with desire and are willing to love deeply, to be in a place of of openness and vulnerability and to let others love them back.

this is a call to all women who are willing to speak their truth, stand in the rawness, realness and strength of who they are with pride and conviction.

this is a call to all women who are willing to look other women in the eyes and reach through from your soul to theirs without judgement or competition.

this is a call to all women who are willing to look at themselves in the mirror and see past their “flaws” that society has taught them to cover up, to be ashamed of, to see past the surface and look deep within at the true beauty in the depths of their being.

this is a call to all women who won’t settle for living a one-dimensional life, who seek adventure, are willing to take risks and stray from their comfort zone in order to live a life of passion, meaning and purpose.

are you ready to answer the call?

i’m so excited to announce our Pow Wow Women’s Empowerment Retreat in joshua tree! it has been a dream and passion of mine to lead a women’s dharma retreat that offers an opportunity to go deeper, to create, move, breathe, love & connect with other women. This retreat will be a journey of self-exploration, a time of self-healing, an intention of self-love and an opportunity to connect to our soul’s longing & purpose through writing, art, music, dance, yoga, meditation and mindfulness activities.

hope to see you there!

much love, Shawnee

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