5 steps to self-care

if you read my last post here, you know that i’ve made a commitment to myself to practice more self-care this month. it’s not always easy to start a new routine, especially when we develop unhealthy “habits” in life..unhealthy habits are hard to break and often healthier habits that replace the unhealthy ones are even harder to begin. the key is to start off with “achievable” goals. too often we take on the ALL OR NOTHING approach which in the end is usually impossible to sustain and creates a sense or failure and disappointment. i sat down and wrote a list of healthy habits or activities that support me in feeling well. here’s  my achievable plan.

mimi beach 1

1. spend 15 minutes a day outside. i know this doesn’t sound like a lot but you have to start somewhere. recently i’ve noticed that i’ve spent  a lot of time inside on the computer and haven’t been getting my daily dose of fresh air and vitamin D. 15 minutes a day is achievable with my busy schedule and if i end up spending more time then it’s bonus time! win win!

2. prepare dinner at home 4 days a week. when i eat out too often i can feel the impact it has on my health. it’s so important to know what is in my food and to be eating healthy, fresh and organic foods. i was in the habit of preparing dinner at home every day but it’s become more challenging with an increasingly busy schedule. 4 days is an achievable amount of time for now and i know once i develop a routine it will be easier to add more times for home cooked meals and less times eating out. better for my health and better on the wallet!

3. commit to at least 1 asana (yoga pose) a day. i tell my clients this when they first begin practicing with me. if i commit to 1 asana it gets me on my mat and more often than not  that one asana feels so good that i want to add more and before you know i’ve been on my mat for 30 minutes to an hour. i’ll tell you my strategy for following through with this. i leave my mat out where i can see it so it’s a reminder to me that i need to get my practice in. out of sight out of mind. if yoga isn’t your “thing” commit to one short physical activity a day.

4. spend 1 hour a day technology free. it doesn’t seem like much but 1 hour of no technology can be challenging. with constant access to e-mail, social media, the internet and text messaging we’re constantly dialed in and are connecting with ourselves and others less and less. too much technology can have a negative impact on our nervous systems and our relationships, not to mention the neck problems we can develop from “text” and “computer” neck posture.

5. go to bed earlier 2 times a week. again, i’m being realistic. i tend to stay up late, either trying to get work done, on social media or just to have MORE hours in the day. lack of enough sleep can have a negative impact on mood, energy and overall health. committing to going to bed 30 minutes to an hour earlier 2 times a week is a good start.

i’m off to the beach to breathe in some fresh air, get some vitamin D and unplug.

what are some things you do to practice self-care?

 move your body. spend time outdoors. get good rest. unplug. reset. be good to yourself.

much love, Shawnee

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