the journey of life and veggie tacos

today is the first moment i’ve had (or have chosen to take rather) to sit still since what seems like weeks. i’ve been busy crossing things tasks off my to-do list in order to get to where i want to be. the thing is, i’m here now and when i stop, take a breath and allow myself to be in stillness, the importance of this moment comes back to me.

life and the practice of yoga are so similar. many people just beginning yoga have said to me, “i can’t even touch my toes. i’m just not flexible” here’s the thing, in the practice of yoga it’s not about whether you can touch your toes, it’s what you do on the way down. yoga is not about getting to the destination of a pose, it’s about the sweetness, effort, struggle, connection, awkwardness and grace that we experience as we move our bodies through the pose. it’s whether we choose to grip and hold our breath or allow ourselves to surrender and breathe, regardless of how challenging the pose might be. we spend so much time thinking about reaching that final goal, that final pose ,that we forget about the process. what happens when we get to the pose? does it mean that we have finally arrived and there is nothing more to do? that we have mastered yoga and can learn no more? there is always more to do. more to learn. no one experience in reaching a pose will be like another.

in life, just as in yoga, we can tend to focus our energy on getting somewhere, reaching our goals, making a lot of money, being successful.., but when we reach these goals does that mean we have mastered life? that there is no more to learn? in the end it’s not so important that we reach a peak pose, a life goal. it’s about the process, experiencing the moments which lead up to them. it’s whether or not we have taken time to breathe, to feel the transition from one pose or experience to the next.

notice in your yoga practice or in your day if you are hurried to get to the end result. pause. take a breath or two and allow yourself to be in the moment, to truly feel the movement of your body, the pace of your breath, the connection to the here and now. in the end,  yoga is a practice, not a peak pose. life is a journey, not a destination.

speaking of process, i love the process of preparing this meal. it’s the perfect combination of effort and simplicity at the same time. it’s a simple and easy recipe for entertaining guests and is perfect for vegan foodies, vegetarian lovers and gluten-free goers. and even though it’s meat free, even the meat lovers will be fans!

this recipe is delicious, nutritious and so colorful! the more variety of natural colors in your food the better!

here’s how the recipe goes

veggie tacos with black beans and coconut rice

makes approximately 10-12 tacos


  • 2 husks of organic corn
  • 2 ripe organic avocados
  • 1-2  organic limes
  • 20 organic grape tomatoes
  • 1/2 up cilantro
  • 1 can organic black beans
  • 1 cup organic basmati rice
  • 1 package non gmo veggie ground (this is not gluten free)
  • organic feta cheese (if desired)
  • 1 package organic and non gmo white or yellow corn tortillas
  • coconut oil


cook the corn and slice from the cob with a knife

slice the limes, tomatoes, and avocados

pick the cilantro from the stems

arrange all of the toppings in festive containers so guests can choose their toppings


 cook the rice in a rice cooker or a pot for approximately 20 minutes (follow instructions for cooking)

cook the beans in a pan for approximately 20 mins on medium low heat until all liquid is gone

cook the veggie ground on low heat until warm (approximately 10 mins)


while the beans, rice and veggie ground are cooking toast the tortillas in a pan

toasting the tortillas:

put a bit of olive oil in the bottom of a pan

turn stove to medium heat

place tortilla in pan

fold the tortilla

cook until golden on one side

 flip to the other side and cook until golden

place on a paper towel to soak up the oil

* add a spoonful or two of coconut oil to the rice for an extra delicious flavor


put out your favorite salsas or hot sauces


allow your guests to create their own personal tacos to suit their preference!


eat. enjoy the process. experience the journey. try yoga even if you’re not flexible and can’t touch your toes. the benefits you gain will support you in moving through the journey with more ease, stability and grace. you’ll become more flexible in the mind which is truly what matters most.

much love, Shawnee

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