rainy days and gluten free banana pancakes

i still can’t believe it’s 2015. it seems in a blink of an eye a year has already passed. 2014 was a epic year, full of many challenges but also many triumphs. we spent almost a year and a half dealing with home floods and home renovations which was quite challenging but i also got a new job, wrote a book and started this blog! i can’t complain about 2014 but i’ve decided that 2015 is going to be the best year yet. the golden year. i’ve clearly identified my intentions for 2015, you can read more about that here and am looking forward to all that life has to teach me in the upcoming year.

this morning i woke up to the sound of rain. i stayed in bed extra long under the warm blankets and made it my goal to move slowly and be truly present. rainy days are a good excuse to slow down, stay inside and spend quality time with my family and furry loves. i’ve been in my pajamas all day, cooking, re-organizing our house and getting ready to host an empowered women’s vision board gathering this evening. one of my intentions for 2015 is to spend more time with inspiring women. i’ll be sharing more about that in a future post but for now i have to share the delicious recipe i conjured up this morning.

i follow a  strict gluten free lifestyle, you can read more about my reasons for this here. being gluten free doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the good things in life…like pancakes for instance. in fact, eating gluten free has allowed me to feel healthier, stronger and happier so i can continue to experience the good things in life for years to come!

i am crazy about bananas. i eat a banana a day…if not two. they’re a great snack and they’re crazy good for you.

i go bonkers for bananas. here’ why you should go bonkers for bananas too…

  • they help build strong bones
  • they make you happy. they are loaded with tryptophan which increases serotonin (the happy mood-brain neurotransmitter)
  • they are thought to reduce PMS symptoms
  • they reduce swelling
  • they help protect against type 2 diabetes
  • they strengthen the nervous system
  • due to their high levels of potassium they help protect against heart attack and stroke and help lower blood pressure.
  • they are high in fiber so they help aide in digestion.
  • they’re a natural antacid and help relieve heart burn, acid reflux and symptoms of GERD.
  • they help relieve stomach ulcers by coating the stomach.
  • they’re a natural remedy for nausea
  • bananas are a natural prebiotic, stimulating the friendly bacteria in the bowel.
  • high in antioxidants which protect against illness.

this list is just a few of the health benefits…bananas are pretty much the bomb. i’m starting a campaign to eat more bananas in 2015…join me?

here’s how the recipe goes

banana coconut pancakes with raspberries

makes 7-8 small pancakes


4 organic eggs

3 ripe medium size organic bananas

1/4 cup organic coconut flour

organic raspberries for topping

olive oil

organic syrup if desired

i absolutely love these little stacking thimble cups. that color green is my favorite. i found them here in portland. you can buy them online here. i’ll be sharing more about this quaint little shop in a future post about our recent adventure in portland.


crack eggs in a bowl and whip gently


mush the bananas with a fork until most of the lumps are gone (a few lumps are ok)


pour the eggs into bowl with mashed bananas and mix thoroughly


add organic coconut flour (i like this brand). mix together


add a little olive oil to the pan. cook on medium to medium low heat.

flip pancakes after golden on one side and when it seems easy to flip (the pancake is binded).


add raspberries or other berries on top and organic syrup if desired

enjoy a delicious gluten free and organic breakfast packed full of protein and health benefits!


sleep in late on a rainy day. stay in your pajamas all day. spend time with others who inspire and lift you up. set your intentions for the new year. eat good food. take care of yourself. eat more bananas. be good to you. love good food and it will love you back.

much love, Shawnee

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