season of change

last week we had summer in san diego. 87 degrees. hot and full of sunshine. it’s interesting what happens when the weather changes in san diego. people get so up in arms. it’s either too hot or too cold for most natives and there’s always talk like, ” i wish it would warm up, i wish it would cool down”… it’s tough living in paradise. i was thinking about this the other day when my husband and i took a ride to the park close to our house and we were sweating by the time we got a few blocks away. it was a warm summer evening but it still had the feeling of fall. maybe it’s the time and the way the sun goes down. it seems like as the the seasons change, the energy of the sun changes with it. maybe it’s not so much the weather but change that is so difficult for people. when we expect something to be a certain way and change happens it can often be met with resistance.


it felt soothing to be outside right as the sun began to go down. there was something powerful about feeling the energy of the warm sun on my skin as it made it’s way into it’s slumber.  it’s as if the sun surrenders to the moon, ending its shift and beginning it’s reset before waking the next morning only to repeat the task of lighting up and warming the earth and all of its inhabitants over again. the sun rising and falling is a constant but even the cycles of the sun fluctuate and change.


autumn, is the “cooling off” season. arriving after the hustle, bustle and heat of summer and before the cold winter months. nighttime arrives earlier, temperatures begin to drop and most vegetative growth decreases. animals begin to prepare for the upcoming cold months by storing food and planning for their cozy hybernation. fall truly is the season of change. this time of year always feel more unstable and unpredictable. so many shifts, so many changes.

the trouble is that we spend much of our energy on resisting change. we grasp so tight to what we know that we become anxious and fearful when something unpredictable or unexpected happens in our lives. we tense up, we grip, we want to live in the past because the past is what we know or we stay stuck inside our own self-imposed cages, afraid to come out. we are so focused on how we think it should be or what feels comfortable, that we do not see the opportunity for growth, the opportunity to burst out of our cages and set ourselves free.

we resist change even when it could be the right thing for us. often we hold on to our “status quo” lives so tight because we are “comfortable” even though we are unsatisfied, unhappy or know we should be doing something different. change can be unknown, unpredictable and even terrifying.


change is the essence of life. when we choose to embrace it, to receive it, to welcome it, it becomes more exciting and less frightening.

“sometimes we have to surrender who we are and where we are

to become what we are meant to be”


i thought about this notion of change as i laid on the grass in the park watching the sun slowly creep behind the trees and mountains. finding connection to the earth provides a sense of grounding for me, especially during times when i’m feeling most unstable. the earth element represents stability, consistency and reliability. it is thought to be the force within us where we build ourselves upon, the invulnerable force within us that we can turn to during times of great challenge and difficulty. the earth is solid, a reliable element, peaceful and tranquil. i turn to the earth whenever i am feeling troubled, unstable or disconnected from myself. moments when i feel like i’m floating, disorganized and in a frenzied state. i turn to the earth during times of great change in order to move through change with more strength and resolve.

i watched the clouds as they floated through the sky shifting in shape and size. i felt the cool earth beneath me and a sense of surrender. it’s a powerful experience, looking up at the great big sky. so vast, so blue, so deep, ever so constant but constantly changing.


we rode our bikes through our neighborhood as the light began to fade. i rode my bike with no hands for the first time since i was a child. i know this sounds funny but it was truly cathartic. my heart was beating so fast as i smiled a great big smile. why is it that we become more fearful as time passes? we forget our playfulness and free spirit. it’s not that we lose them, they are there all along, locked up in our cage, waiting to come out.


don’t you love this top? there’s something about this poncho that makes me feel free. maybe its the wispy and flowy energy of it. i love clothing that moves with the energy of the earth. flows with the wind, blends in with the sky. it’s honey punch. i’m loving their style. i found it here at my favorite local boutique.

embrace change. step outside of comfort. go outside and watch a sunset. breathe in fresh air. lye in the grass. connect to the earth. gaze up at the sky. ride your bike with no hands. let yourself be playful. set yourself free.

much love, Shawnee

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  1. YES!
    “i thank you God for most this amazing day
    for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
    and for everything that is wonderful
    and for everything that is yes
    ee cummings

    tasted this while I read your luminous words, shawnee…. transported, enveloped in their peace and beauty….


  2. Had your blog passed on to us and totally enjoyed the message and photography.
    Yes! Ride our bike with no hands and step outside our comfort zone!


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