a letter to grief

sharing a peice  of my heart on my blog today

i see you.

we pass each other on the street, in the market, on the drive home from work.

no need to speak words. i can tell you share the burden of grief by the look in your eyes. by the way your shoulders hunch from the heaviness of carrying such a weight for so long. by the tightness and clenching in your jaw, by the fast paced hurriedness in your walk as if you have somewhere to go but nowhere to be.

know that you are not alone. we are connected by this pain, this sorrow but also by the depth in which our hearts can feel, love and give.

i write this letter for myself and those who have felt and experienced or are experiencing, living, feeling grief in this moment.

a letter to grief via rebelle society.


much love, Shawnee

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