life is not a rehearsal

hubbard dam ~ montana
tim mt

this photo was taken last year in montana the day after my husband and i were married.

you can read more about that here.

he is an adventurer and lives life to the fullest. he reminds me to let go and fully experience the richness of life. in the last few years i made a commitment to let go of past hurts, to open my heart, no matter how terrifying, and i am so glad i did. it truly changed the course of my life.

it’s much easier to keep ourselves closed off and protected to avoid getting hurt. the problem is, when you close your heart, keep it contained in a tight little bundle, it’s impossible to receive the love that’s out there waiting for you.

here’s the deal, in life, in love ~ find your passion. write it down. ASK for it.

you deserve the love you desire. you deserve the life you desire.

be open, let yourself be vulnerable, let yourself love, let others love you, if you get hurt, get back up and open your heart again, you never know who or what may come into your life at this very moment…

there’s something about montana that makes me feel alive and open. maybe it’s the expansive blue skies, the towering mountains, the fresh air, the beautiful green pine trees, the crystal clear lakes, the rustling of aspen trees.

this spot is close to where i grew up. we spent many summer days here beating the heat. i have fond memories of riding to this spot in the back of the pick up truck, dust in my face, wind in my hair. it was always a bumpy ride, similar to life. life would be a lot less interesting if there weren’t any bumps in the road.

life is a beautiful thing if you choose to truly live it.

much love Shawnee

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