head over heels for heirloom tomatoes

i love this time of year for many reasons. sweaters, boots, cozying up to your loved ones to keep warm.

this time of year you can find the most amazing selection of seasonal fruits and vegetables. one of my favorites is heirloom tomatoes. what do you think…is a tomato really a fruit? you say tomaaatoe..i say tomaaaato…what if it’s a fruit and vegetable packed into one?


there’s something about heirloom tomatoes that makes me fall head over heels for them. maybe it’s their variety of bright fall colors and their delicious flavor or maybe it’s their gnarled, deformed, imperfect personalities they convey.

i love them because they are imperfect. there’s such a beauty to imperfection. we spend so much energy striving for perfection when it’s our imperfection, our flaws that make us most beautiful and unique. heirloom tomatoes have got the right idea. let your flaws shine. they’re what makes us human and different than anyone else.

i love them for this reason and so many other reasons.

here’s why you should love them too

  • they are high in vitamin c which supports a healthy immunes system, nourishes the adrenal glands and reduces stress.
  • they protect against cardiovascular disease mainly because of the high levels of potassium and folate.
  • organic tomatoes are high in lycopene which protects against certain forms of cancer.
  • they are rich in vitamin K which supports strong and healthy bones.
  • they are a low calories snack with a big bang of health benefits.

a perfect match for heirloom tomatoes is organic corn


i love corn for it’s flavor and unique texture

if you are going to buy corn always buy organic. processed corn products or gmo products go against the whole purpose of eating healthy foods, to be healthy, and can cause a variety of health issues including digestive problems, allergies and autoimmune conditions. just because it’s a corn product doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

here’s a few reasons you should love organic corn

  • corn is packed with vitamin B1, B5, vitamin C, folate, phosphorus and manganese.
  • consuming corn is thought to reduce colon cancer.
  • corn contains thiamine, which helps in the functioning of the brain cells to enable you to execute cognitive duties.
  • they help you see better! the presence of anti-oxidants can help prevent macular degeneration. yellow corn is higher in anti-oxidants

what better flavor to add to this beautiful pair than fresh organic cilantro!


i am madly in love with cilantro. it has the most delicious flavor and can be added to so many dishes for a little flair.

here’s why you should love cilantro too

  • it’s high in antioxidants
  • it helps food last longer. oil extracted from cilantro leaves is thought to slow down the oxidation process to keep food from spoiling longer. wow…a natural preservative. who new!
  • protects against heart disease, diabetes and obesity.
  • it’s has natural anti-bacterial effects. cilantro is being studied as a natural water detoxifier.

what an amazing trio! put these all together and you’ve got a healthy packed dish no doubt!

heirloom tomato and roasted corn salad with cilantro and feta

here’s how the recipe goes

3-4 organic heirloom tomatoes (a variety of colors)

3 ears of organic corn

1 cup organic cilantro leaves

1/4 cup organic feta cheese

himalayan sea salt

fresh ground organic pepper

olive oil and balsamic vinegar

set oven to 450 degrees. peel three ears of organic corn. smother corn with olive oil add a little pink himalayan sea salt and fresh ground organic pepper.

oh you haven’t met my friend pink himalayan sea salt? here’s why you should

place corn on oven rack. bake for 20 minutes or until cooked through and golden brown.


slice heirloom tomatoes and pull 1 cup of cilantro leaves from the stem


when corn is cooked cut the kernels off the cob



add all ingredients together in a bowl. add olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing


for a little extra flavor sprinkle organic feta cheese on top. i’m a cheese lover. i try not to eat too much of it and when i buy it i always buy organic. it’s a nice touch to this already delicious salad.


eat. be well. share with a friend. eat slowly. enjoy every bite. be present. love good food and it will love you back. you deserve to be loved.

much love Shawnee

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