a love affair with brussels sprouts

i love this time of year when the days become cooler and the nights crisper. i’m looking forward to bundling up in front of the fireplace and wearing cozy sweaters and boots. what i’m excited most about the fall are the delicious and colorful seasonal veggies i’ll be cooking up for my family.

i have to admit something. i’ve been having a secret affair for some time now. i am madly in love with brussels sprouts. there’s something about their color, shape, texture and taste that makes me crave them all of the time in the fall and spring months.


i love brussels sprouts not only because they taste delicious (if prepared deliciously) but also because they have a ton of health benefits.

here is why you should love brussels sprouts

  • brussels sprouts contain a variety of antioxidants, including vitamins c, e and a which support a healthy immune system
  •  brussels sprouts are a natural anti-inflammatory
  • one cup of brussels sprouts contains 4 grams of dietary fiber which can aide in digestion, prevent constipation and  balance blood sugar levels.
  • because of the dietary fiber, brussels sprouts keep you feeling full for longer so they’re  great for an afternoon or evening snack
  • brussels sprouts are thought to protect our stomach lining by obstructing the overgrowth of h-pylori, a bacteria that can lead to many stomach issues, including gastric cancer
  • brussels sprouts can help lower cholesterol levels
  • brussels sprouts are especially high in vitamin k which which promotes healthy bones, prevents calcification of the bodies tissues, serves as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent and is essential for proper brain and nerve function.

over the years i’ve cooked up several brussels sprouts recipes and convinced my not-so-brussels-sprouts-loving family to love brussels sprouts!

this recipe is crazy simple, easy to prepare and delicious…and it has almonds.

i love almonds almost as much as i love brussels sprouts


here’s why you should love almonds

  • raw almonds support cardiovascular health by promoting healthy cholesterol levels
  • almonds are a good source of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus which are essential for keeping bones and teeth healthy and strong
  • almonds contain 3 total grams of dietary fiber supporting your digestion
  • they are an excellent snack because the fat and protein in almonds keep you satiated for longer

put brussels sprouts and almonds together and you have a powerhouse of a dish thats’ oh so good for your health!

here’s how the recipe goes


  1. brussels sprouts
  2. raw almond slices
  3. gluten free soy sauce
  4. extra virgin olive oil
  5. a large skillet or frying pan

slice 15-20 brussels sprouts in half (depending on size of pan)


turn stove to medium low heat

cover the entire bottom of the pan with olive oil (enough the keep the brussels from sticking right away)

place the brussels face down on the pan (one layer only)


cover the pan to steam inside for approximately 3 minutes

add gluten free soy sauce to cover the brussels. i use this. it’s organic and gluten free. more in a future post about how going gluten free changed my health and my life.

leave face down on medium low heat until the insides of the brussels sprouts are cooked through but still have a little crunch to them. be sure not to burn the face down part on the pan

add 1/4 to 1/2 cup raw sliced almonds (or as little or lot that you prefer)

mix in pan

eat. enjoy. savor the goodness. be well. real food is medicine and contains everything you need to be strong, healthy and vibrant. eat to live. love good food and it will love you back.

oh and don’t you love these bowls? you can find them here.


much love Shawnee

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  1. Loving your ‘blogs’ Shawnee! You are a very talented writer! I also love brussel sprouts but not a big fan of soy sauce. Wonder if it could be omitted?!? I’ve known Tim your husband since he was 3 yrs old. I have a special place in my heart for him because I have a son Tim’s age named George who got into gangs, drugs etc. He has a very rough almost frightening appearance full of tats, missing teeth etc. I hesitantly took him to church one time thinking people are going to shun and judge him due to his appearance. Tim took him under his wing and took him out to lunch and spent time with him! I was so touched by his loving care and sheperding of my son at that time! Please continue writing-you have a real gift. Therese Lara

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  2. thank you so much for your kind words Therese. yes you could eliminate the soy sauce and just add a little bit of himalayan sea salt to taste. you would just want to be sure to have enough oil in pan to keep inside of sprouts from burning. tim and i were both touched by your post. much love to you and your family.


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