you are so loved

recently i’ve been recovering from a nasty cold, sore throat, headache, runny nose and low energy. with the fall season comes exposure to a lot of viruses and irritating colds. one of the tried and true remedies i use to ease my symptoms, help me feel better and get well quicker is lemon ginger tea.

for one thing. there are many benefits of lemons, particularly the fact that they are high in vitamin c and support a healthier immune system. read more about why you should love lemons here.

photo 1

ginger is a wonder spice. here are a few reasons why you should love ginger.

  • it supports healthy digestion
  • it is a natural anti-inflammatory
  • it is thought to help prevent certain forms of cancer
  • it’s a safe and effective in relieving nausea and vomiting (especially for women in their pregnancy)
  • it’s a natural and effective immune booster

add a little raw unfiltered honey. here’s why you should love raw and unfiltered honey.

most processed honey today has been heated and filtered, robbing it of its nutritional value and resulting in a product no more valuable than a simple sweetener. honey is an instant energy-building food containing all the essential minerals necessary for life, all of the B complex group, amino acids, enzymes, and other vital factors.

photo 4

whenever myself or my family comes down with symptoms of a bug, i head straight for the ingredients to make ginger tea. here’s a simple recipe

slice 2-3 slices or wedges of lemon

photo 2

boil filtered or spring water and pour in a mug

add 2 teaspoons of organic powdered ginger. you can buy simply organic or buy fresh ground ginger in the bulk section of your local health food store.

squeeze 2-3 lemon wedges or slices into the boiling water

add organic raw honey as a little sweetener. i prefer raw and unfiltered.

photo 5

make this for yourself or someone you love when you’re feeling a bit under the weather. slow down. rest. let yourself heal. love yourself. share your love with others. spread love as much as possible. love heals. you are so loved.

te 2

much love Shawnee

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