if not now, when?

you know that excitement when you start something new…can’t sleep because you have so many ideas and thoughts running through your mind? that’s how i’ve been feeling about starting this blog. it doesn’t hurt that i’ve been on the couch all day with a bug but i believe that everything happens for a reason and maybe this bug is an opportunity for me to slow down and take the time to finally sit and focus on this project that has been on my mind and in my heart for some time now.

the other day as i was talking to my husband about starting this blog, a thought suddenly came to me. why wait? so often we think we have to wait for the perfect opportunity, a sign that convinces us it’s ok to move forward, that we’ll do ok. that we won’t fail. what happens if there is no sign? what happens if we don’t know if we will do ok, if we’re not sure if we will fail or succeed?

it’s all about putting it out there. starting before you’re ready. taking a leap of faith, but also a leap of success.

when i gave myself permission to just go ahead and do it, it’s as if all of the worries and fears drifted away and i was suddenly driven to take action, no matter not knowing the outcome.

as i reflect on the past in my life. most of my successes have come from first saying “i’m going to do it” then without hesitation, taking the steps to actually “do it”.

i believe putting it out there doesn’t mean everything will magically fold into place and just happen for you. putting it out there means you have begun to manifest what you desire by allowing yourself “to be open” to receive what you desire. when we are convinced it’s not time, we’re not ready, we’re going to fail, we are closed off to receiving what’s waiting for us on the other side of doubt, hesitation and fear.

five years ago i said “i’m going to become a certified yoga teacher” and i took action – before i felt ready. two years ago i said, “i’m going to write a book and i took action – before i felt ready.  one year ago i said “i desire a different work situation” and i took action – before i felt ready. recently i’ve been putting more and more things out there and taking action immediately without hesitation and they have all been unfolding before my eyes. the key is putting it out there – saying you are going to do it to everyone and anyone who will listen and then doing everything you can to make it happen.

convince others, convince yourself, leave no space for doubt or fear, fake it til you make it.

i believe in you…believe in yourself

if not now, when?

yoga utkatasana

this photo was taken at one of our favorite places. read more about it here. i love the energy of this image. the synchronicity of my hands reaching up and the waves following. everything truly is connected. we receive energy from the earth and its surroundings and it in turn receives energy from us. we are all energy. the beautiful part about this is that we can choose the energy we embody and the energy we emanate. it’s not just about being happy and smiling all of the time. life can be challenging, difficult and very unpredictable. it’s about choosing to do and be the best we can be. living in harmony and humility with the earth and those around us. recognizing the impact our energy has on others and the world around us.

speaking of energy. i love these yoga pants i’m wearing in this photo. you’ll be seeing them in future posts for sure. they are full of bright colors and interesting patterns and fit amazingly well. the thing i love best about them is that they are eco-conscious and eco-friendly. made from recycled plastic water bottles locally in california. i’m all about supporting smaller companies with an eco-friendly focus and a positive vibe. read more about teeki and their vision here.

now. don’t wait another moment. say it. put it out there. take action now.

much love Shawnee

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