laguna beach – the perfect getaway

we recently took a mini so-cal staycation to laguna beach. this is my favorite place to go for a quick getaway. an escape from the housecleaning, laundry, chores and to-do lists. the thing i love (well…things i love) about laguna beach are…the beautiful beaches, the weather, the many art museums and the quaint little shops. it’s fun to stroll through the center of town, take in some art, have a bite to eat, then walk across the street with a little sunscreen and a beach towel to soak up some good old vitamin D. my husband and I come here as often as we can. our favorite place to stay in laguna is casa laguna inn and spa. this is the perfect spot. it’s more like a bed and breakfast than a hotel. every evening they provide wine and cheese happy hour where you can mingle with other guests or just enjoy a snack with your significant other. the rooms are clean and have a cozy feel to them. if you reserve it in advance you can enjoy a hot tub soak outside, they’ll even provide champagne to sip as you take in the view of the ocean. in the morning they provide a delicious, gourmet, healthy breakfast. you can’t beat the price for all of the little extras that come with your stay. if you’re like me and take your yoga mat with you wherever you travel, you can enjoy a practice at one of the local beaches, getting in touch with nature or can take a yoga class at the YogaWorks studio in Laguna Beach. They have a selection of classes and great teachers. we love to explore the many art galleries. one artist we stop in to see every time we visit is Vladimir Kush at the Vladimir Kush gallery.  His art goes beyond the imagination into a deeper realm of thinking. Even if you’re not a fan of surrealism, take a look anyway, it’s amazing to see how one can view the world beyond what is in front of us. this last trip we we spent most of the time strolling and relaxing one the beach. my husband captured a few of these moments. he bought my dress from kimchi blue at urban outfitters for my birthday. it was more of a splurge than i would usually spend on myself and i fell madly in love with it the minute i tried it on. it’s the perfect hippie/bohemian style dress to wear to the beach. i’ve always been drawn to flowy dresses and lace. the perfect combination. i’m already making a plan for when i can wear it again. pair it with a silver and turquoise wrist cuff from this local jewelry store and you can’t go wrong. here’s a few shots from the day.

much love Shawnee

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